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How To Build Chromecast Remote With An Old Android Phone?

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Chromecast doesn’t have any remote control, but if you have got an old Android phone, then check out the steps to make your Chromecast remote.

Google Chromecast is already a big name in the list of all the streaming devices in the market. But, the classic streaming device lacks one of the important things to make the streaming more exciting, and that is its remote controls. Besides making the thumb-through menus with a plastic remote, Chromecast renders you to launch the videos with a tablet, laptop, and any phone.

So, if you wish to have your Chromecast remote on your hand, then it’s quite easy to do with the old Android tablets and phone. Check out the steps below-

Step 1- Removing and disabling the unnecessary apps

For conserving the battery life and the home screen, head on to delete the apps that are not related to any photos, music, and videos, and also which doesn’t provide any Chromecast support. The simplest you can approach is to unlock the Settings, then head to the Apps menu and then scroll via the “Download” apps list to remove anything that is not related to the media.

Well, some of the built-in apps don’t permit you to uninstall them, but you can head to at least select the “Disable” option via the same menu on the mobile devices running the 4.0 version or higher. You can head to the “All” section of the apps menu for disabling the apps, as all the apps may not cover them.

Step 2- Desynchronizing the accounts

As you are now accessing the phone for the TV controls, you can head onto disabling the synchronization with Gmail and other services. For doing this, just head to the Settings and then check out the option that says “Accounts & Sync,” “User & Accounts” or something like that. Just head to disable the Auto-Sync option from the menu.

Step 3- Disabling the unwanted connections

For removing the unnecessary strain from the GPS and mobile connectivity, it is necessary to disable them on the Chromecast remote. The simplest way that you can do is to turn on the airplane mode and then turn the Wi-Fi back on. After that, go to the Wi-Fi section of the phone’s Settings menu and then look at the “preferences” or “Advanced” section. Just click the “Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep” item, and then choose “Never.”

Step 4- Bypassing the lock screen

From deleting the more friction from the Chromecast experience, just head to set up the phone head directly to the home screen when you head to hit the power button. Now, head to the Settings- Security and then set up the screen lock option to the “None.”

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You may also see an option to skip the lock screen fully under the similar menu. In this case, if the feature is not available on the phone, then head to a free app named “No lock.” Head on to unlock the app and then set the lock icon to change.

Step 5- Keep the brightness low and enable the Battery saving mode (If you have)-

There are some of the phones offering the low-power setting that helps out to reduce the use of the CPU and also disables all the background activity. Check out the feature in the Battery section of the Phone’s Settings menu.

Step 6- Setting up the home screen

Lastly, you are just required to give the home screen a new start. You can head to download any alternative home screen launcher, like “Nova Launcher,” which permits you to customize the spacing and density of the apps easily.  Also, head on to use the app dock at the center of the screen for streaming the apps that you like the most. We will recommend you to include the Google Home app, as it permits you to browse the videos from the existing Chromecast-enabled apps, mirror the display of the phone, and search the other video apps to install.

If you get any tech problem with these steps, then you can head to the team of experts to get better guidance and assistance.

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