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How to configure the BBC iPlayer app with your Chromecast setup?


Are you using the Chromecast on BBC player or have you established any link between the BBC player and the Chromecast? If not, then we want to mention the steps which are used to control the BBC program from the Chromecast device.

  • BBC android app.
  • BBC media player app for controlling the player app.
  • BBC iplayer iOS app.
  • Play content through desktop or laptop browser.

Casting via BBC player

When you try to stream the content through the BBC player, it sends data to the wireless network and further sends it to the Chromecast media player. The program will then start streaming on the TV screen.

While streaming the content, you can continue using your smartphone or tablet without interfering with the current content. If you want you can disconnect the app from the phone.

Can we cast downloaded programs?

If you want to cast the content downloaded on the Chromecast, then we are sorry to say that this is not possible. If the downloaded content is played, the player will start streaming the stuff through the internet.

How to cast from the BBC player app?

If you want to cast through the BBC iplayer app, then connect the device to the same Wi-Fi to which the Chromecast is connected.

The version of the BBC iplayer app must be the latest. If you are using the obsolete version, then check the latest version from the BBC player website.

After the device gets detected, a cast icon will be displayed on the screen.

  • The cast icon changes to blue when Chromecast gets connected.
  • A cast icon is available under the ‘Programme’ type.
  • Chromecast will be connected to the iplayer and start playing the videos.

How to cast through browser or laptop?

  • Your desktop and computer should be connected to the same wireless network.
  • The Chromecast extension should be installed in the chrome browser.
  • Click on the program from BBC TV channels. Go to
  • Tap ‘Start program’. The cast icon will appear automatically.
  • The quality of the video which you are getting on the Chromecast depends on the broadcast subscription you have availed. If the plan subscribed to is limited or the data is exhausted, you will automatically start receiving the video of lesser quality. In order to enjoy the Full-HD videos without any interruption, subscribe to the unlimited subscription.

How to control playback?

You can control playback functions through the app and browser as well. If the navigation menu is not available on the screen, you can click on the ‘Cast control’ option from the top of the screen.


The subtitles along with the audio or video are not supported on all models except black and white but the company is soon going to launch this function on all the models.

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