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How To Factory Reset Your Google Chromecast Streaming Media Player

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The process is all about resetting the new and old model Chromecast device in order to bring it back to its original state. All the updates and data will get deleted after factory reset function so, before implementing the steps you must keep this thing in mind.

If you are using a Google Chromecast streaming media player, then news from Google company has been flashing on the internet in which they are discussing the new update released recently for all the Chromecast devices. You can update your Chromecast setup to enjoy the latest features. Besides this, some users have already tried a new update but find a problem in streaming content after updating the device.

Sometimes, there are some glitches that can’t be solved on their own. You need to fix it through some means. The solution to such problems is deleting the complete files from the system. The process is very simple. You only need proper attention to implement the steps. Let’s discuss the steps.

To start resetting the Chromecast, first of all, connect the Chromecast to the TV and to the Network.

How to factory reset from modern Chromecast?

  • Go to the home menu from the smart device like phone and tap on the Chromecast If you have not downloaded it, then get it from the Android or other OS app store.
  • Open ‘Settings’ and click ‘Main menu. You need to click on three horizontal lines from the center of the screen.
  • Select ‘Factory reset’. This option is given at the end of the menu.
  • Confirm name. If you find the connect google chromecast is not yours, then search for other devices connected to the internet.
  • Performing hard reset: This is not mandatory. To hard reset, the device, press the reset button and turn it off for 5 minutes. Turn it on again and check the lights blinking on it.

Factory resetting of older models of Chromecast:

  1. Open the Chromecast app from the computer. You can open it directly from the desktop shortcut of the app available on the screen. If you find no such icon on the screen, then open the control panel and search for the same from there.
  2. Go to ‘Settings’ and select the activate chromecast creating problem. The problem of streaming arises if more than one Chromecast is connected to the home
  3. Click to factory reset: We recommend this step only if all other steps don’t work for you. If you factory reset the device, all the data will be deleted from the device and you need to configure the device again.
  4. Tap Reset: Once you click on ‘Reset’, the device will be reset. If you find the problem still goes on, then contact experts.
  5. Press the black button: After applying the above steps if you are still getting the same problem on your device, then search for the black button from the back of your device to reset it. This will factory reset the device and delete all configurations from it. You need to set up the Chromecast again on the network as well as on the TV. Try playing the content after this.

chromecast. com/setup

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