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How To Get Disney+ On Chromecast And Enjoy To Its Fullest?

Latest news for Chromecast users who were expecting Disney+ on it from the last few months. Disney has officially launched its channel for Streaming media players and is getting good attention from the users. Whether it is ‘Mandalorian’, Simpsons old episodes and new star wars, you can watch a number of amazing content on Disney+. You can watch the content on the big TV screen with the help of a Chromecast media player.

Disney+ is however available on the Chromebook as well but with some twitch. With Disney+ installed on the streaming media player, you can watch movies and TV shows on your TV installed in your living room. There is another advantage of connecting the Chromecast to the TV, you can control playback functions from the TV remote itself. Yes, if you seek support for Google Assistant, then it is not available on Disney+ as of now but the company officials said that this improvement is still in the pipeline and is soon going to launch for the users.

If you want to cast the Disney+ content on a smartphone, then search for the Chromecast button on the app. This button is installed both on iOS and Android devices provided the Chromecast device should be connected to the same wireless network. Sometimes, the Chromecast icon is not available on the home page so, you don’t need to worry about it. Just open the landing page and search for the ‘Chromecast button’. If you are using the Chromebook, then download the Android app and follow the instructions given in the app.

Besides this, Disney+ is also available on the web player, so you can enjoy the content on laptops and chrome books. To start casting the content, select the movie or show you want to play from the laptop browser and search for the ‘Cast’ icon from the right corner of the screen. As soon as you click on the video, it will start playing along with the subtitles in the center. It is important to mention here that no cast icon is available on the home or landing page of the web player but will get on the video player directly.

So, you can start watching the content from day one on your Chromecast. The user interface of both the app and web setup is user-friendly and works exactly in the manner you were expecting. The only thing that needs improvement is the sorting of Disney content like Marvel movies, Pixar and National Geographic in proper order or according to the different Genre.

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