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How To Make A Generic USB Cable Work With Google Chromecast?

Cromecast Com Setup

Did you know that it is possible to add generic USB cable to your Google Chromecast? If not, then kindly read this blog post to know how to make a USB cable work on your Google Chromecast device.


Chromecast is best known for the freedom it offers to its users. Chromecast itself has no memory storage, no credential registers, and no remote control yet it indirectly has it all. Its source device acts as a server for sharing links of subscriptions over the internet. Local data and media sharing are also done using source devices.

Chromecast can be considered as an intermediate between all of them. Chromecast also has its benefits when it comes to cost and productivity. It costs less than half of most popular streaming devices like Apple TV and Roku and does all it can.

App developers have started developing more apps for this platform. The day is not far away when we will get a full smart TV out of this device. Games have already been developed for it. However, usability is a different perspective. Users can download Chromecast-enabled games on their smartphones. Then they can connect Pc to Chromecast.

Guest mode and uses:

Unknown users can use guest mode to do so. The smartphone will act as a remote so you will be engaged in a bigger screen though you can also see the action on your smartphone screen. Multiplayer online, as well as offline, can be played. Further Oculus Rift and VR support are also being added for Chromecast Setup Window . so that 3D can be seen on it without any glasses.

The second generation of Chromecast has also been released along with an audio version of it known as Chromecast audio. Second-generation Chromecast has bumped up hardware and has inbuilt support for Ethernet ports rather than the use of auxiliary accessories. Chromecast also has many features like CFC-enabled TVs that can be woken up by casting to them and a screen saver wallpaper option just like a desktop.

Chromecast can be controlled via smartphones and tablets running on Android and iOS. However other devices such as PC and MAC can also control it using Chrome browser and Google cast extension. No official app for these platforms has been released to date.

Generic USB vs Chromecast USB

We get a USB Chromecast. Its purpose is to provide power to it. This USB can be plugged into the TV background to power it or can be connected to an external power brick to keep it powered even if TV is off. Basically, this USB is not for transferring any sort of data but for powering only. Video and audio data transfer between TV and Chromecast is done by HDMI.

A standard USB cable has a variety of issues. This is why a standard cable might not perform as well as the USB provided with Chromecast. A standard USB cable is preferred for Data transfer. The power rating of these cables is quite low and latency is high. Quality is another issue as most of these are cheap so throughput is affected.

As far as Chromecast is concerned, the USB provided with it has the purpose of powering it up. Chromecast has some hefty hardware in it so it will also need a proper and considerably higher power than a generic USB device. Therefore, the USB provided with it is equipped with such features.

How to make your Chromecast more efficient?

USB cable with Chromecast is having a high power rating and is ideal for supplying power rather than data transfer. Its quality is high so that there are no voltage damping issues. Connect Google Chromecast  easily be damaged by the fluctuating voltage which is an issue of a standard USB. To avoid any problems, use the hardware provided with Chromecast and try powering it using a power brick with USB and not from TV for good usability.

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