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New Update For 3rd Generation Chromecast Includes Multi-Room Audio Support

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Just like Google’s 2018 hardware, everybody was aware of the arrival of a revamped Chromecast. All those who keep a close eye on Google products knew that the company would come up with something new in October, and here it is. Google has revealed an update for its 3rd-Generation Chromecast, details of which are hazy as of now. This uncertainty regarding the update has made things more exciting for the customers as they can now use their minds to think as to what the company has stored for them.

Everybody was extremely excited to know that Google is bringing something new for the customers, but all that excitement came crashing down when they finally came to know that Google has launched a small update for its third Generation Chromecast.

Everybody knows that Chromecast has not been refreshed in three years, but Google also failed to mention the new hardware during a recently held event. Now, Google has subtly added the device to its store and with that, it is clear that nothing much has changed in the device. Google Chromecast Setup Iphone is still missing Bluetooth support, but now, users will see Wi-Fi 802.11ac. If you are using Chromecast, but not able to connect it to the internet, then you should take Chromecast help.

Google Chromecast now supports videos at 1080p resolution with 60fps, which is a big improvement because back in the day, the product was just streaming videos at 720p at 60fps or 1080p resolution at 30fps. However, people were looking for more, i.e., 4K video support because many other streaming devices are competing with Google Chromecast Connect To TV  for videos in 4K quality.

But, it’s not only the disappointments that users have to deal with because there have been some new additions in the device such as the ability to play music in sync with other speakers that are connected to the smart devices that are supported by Google such as Chromecast Audio dongle. However, this feature is not going to be launched until a few more weeks. It will also support the newly launched Live Albums for Google Photos on your television.

Now, let’s talk about the looks of the device, then users will get the 2018 Chromecast in Chalk and Charcoal, with a beautiful matte finish and minimum branding. Google Chromecast is already available in the Google Store in a number of countries such as the US, Canada, Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Japan, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Netherlands, and Norway. Many more countries will also start getting this new Chromecast in a few months’ time.

If you are content with the new features that are added by the company, then you can buy Google Chromecast from the nearest Google Store. Although there hasn’t been much significant in terms of updates, yet whatever has been added by the company should be considered good. Despite the new Chromecast, the process of Connect Google Chromecast  setup remains exactly the same.

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