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Unable To Connect Chromecast To Smartphone Or PC/Laptop? How To Fix It?

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We have the best support facility for Google Chromecast where we provide solutions to some of the most complicated issues befalling this streaming device. If you are using Chromecast, which is not working properly in the recent times, then you can log onto Cromecast com setup website or call us at our Chromecast tech support number.

Chromecast lets you watch movies, watch photos, and more using only a smartphone or PC/laptop, and the HDMI output of your TV. That way, several applications can be used, like Netflix, YouTube along with a number of games.

However, some problems may interrupt the connection between the devices. Check out some tips on how to solve common mistakes.

  • Devices on the same Wi-Fi

To establish a connection between your mobile or laptop/PC with Chromecast, it is essential that the devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. This is the only way to configure and synchronize content. If not, an error message may be displayed, with connection failure.

Solving the problem is simple: just select the same Wi-Fi on the devices, with an identical access code. If you want to use a friend’s smartphone without giving the network password, the most interesting thing is to use Guest Mode, which works only on Android devices with 3G/4G.

  • Configuration problem

Are Chromecast and other devices connected on the same Wi-Fi? So pay attention to the Chromecast’s configuration. The process is simple but needs to be followed exactly by entering the confirmation code displayed on the screen.

If these steps are not followed, the connection will fail. The wrong setup of Chromecast might also result in issues, so try resetting your Chromecast to factory settings and repeat the setup process.

  • The problem to detect Chromecast

If a connection error has occurred after the installation and configuration process of Chromecast, then you will not be able to start streaming the device on the TV. Do you want to solve it? Then the first step is to restart Www Google Com Chromecast Setup from your phone or PC. This process does not erase data or remove programmed settings.

To ensure, also restart the device by turning the smartphone or computer off and on. When Chromecast restarts, try repeating the streaming process. If the error continues, it is worth paying attention to the Wi-Fi router: turn the device off and on after a few seconds to try to resolve the error. Then, try using the app you want.

The Wi-Fi network name should appear on the left side of the TV to work properly.

NOTE: Chromecast connects to Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n 2.4 GHz networks, so it will not list 5 GHz networks.

  • The app does not show the streaming icon

There is a common connection between your mobile or computer with Chromecast, especially with the use of streaming apps such as Netflix and YouTube. If the top streaming icon is not displayed, the simplest solution is to restart Chromecast and devices to try again.

On your phone, if the icon still does not appear, try connecting to the Chromecast app by broadcasting the screen for example. Then return to the movies, videos, or music app and see if the “square” symbol has returned. Finally, just start the connection in a traditional way.

  • Authentication errors 1001

To begin with the “1001” error message, please note that this failure refers to Chromecast authentication and can happen while using the connection through the computer in Google Chromecast Help. As a result, the resource is not able to establish a secure connection due to an authentication error.

To solve this, the first tip is to check if your antivirus is up to date. In the case of Kaspersky, it is necessary to disable the “Encrypted Connection Checks” in the network settings to resolve the error. In AVG, it is necessary to install the manufacturer’s updates. At the end restart your computer and try logging in again.

  • Connection errors 1002 and 1003

These errors indicate that Google Chrome discovered Chromecast on the network but cannot connect to it. This can be caused by the network or router configuration. Make sure your computer’s firewall is not limiting access, or if antivirus programs are blocking the connection. Please try rebooting Chromecast Setup, the machine, and the router to resolve the issue.

  • Clock sync error 1005

If the computer or cell phone clock is uncoordinated with Internet data, error 1005 may be displayed on the screen. The adjustment can be made manually by adding the correct time zone. There are options for acquiring this data directly from the network, automatically, and even tidying up in case of daylight saving time. Restart the devices and try connecting again.

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