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Watch all Shows from STARZPLAY directly on Chromecast

Once you have configured on your Chromecast, you can start watching the shows or videos of your choice through it and can operate the playback functions through the smartphone. The best thing is that you can connect any OS device whether it is Android or iOS to the Chromecast. Now, the steps to set up the Chromecast are discussed here as under:

When you open the Chromecast box, you will find the following things inside it.

  1. Chromecast: Connect the media player to the TV with the help of the HDMI port and the cable provided with the player itself. You can connect the device directly to the TV port as well after which you can select the port from the TV remote.
  2. USB power cable: This is the cable that you can use to connect the Chromecast to the power supply. Plug one end of the cable to the Chromecast and another to the adapter.
  3. Power supply: If you want to provide the direct supply to the Chromecast through the power supply, then connect the adapter to it.

Configuring the Chromecast:

After plugging in the Chromecast, you need to configure it. For this, you need an android device and a Wi-Fi network.

Android device:

  • Open PlayStore from the Android device and download the Chromecast app on it. You need to search the app in the app store, then click to download it.
  • Launch the app and click to agree to the terms and conditions from the setup page.
  • Click to start installing it. Select the Chromecast model and switch on the TV.
  • Launch the app and see the activation code appearing on the screen. It must match the one you find on the TV. Click on ‘I see the code’.
  • Connect the Chromecast to the Wi-Fi now. You are required to enter the password to connect to the home SSID of the network.
  • The connection status once connected will be displayed on the screen. You can start streaming content now.

How to watch StarzPlay on Chromecast?

  1. Now, is the time to configure the Chromecast on TV. Go to StarzPlay from the web browser of your smartphone.
  2. Select the movie or video you want to stream on your TV with the help of a smart device.
  3. Check the right-hand corner of the screen and click on ‘Link’ to start streaming. Start casting the content from the Chromecast device.

Fortunately, you can begin watching the shows or movies of your choice from the said Chromecast channel without any problem. The best thing is that you don’t need to keep the app open on the smartphone screen while playing the content. You can browse any other website or open another app while playing the content on the TV. setup | chromecast. com/setup

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