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Why Does Chromecast Not Connect To Wi-Fi?

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Sometimes, a new software update of a device can halt its functioning. There is no question on the intentions of the company’s software developers, but it’s just that they were not aware of the device’s response after receiving a certain update.

They must have checked the update on a few devices, and it was all fine, which is why they decided to make the update available to the public. Recently, when Google launched an update for Chromecast, users downloaded it instantly as they were expecting a host of new features to unfold in that update.

However, things went the other way because they found that their Chromecast couldn’t connect to the Wi-Fi network, which it was smoothly connected to a few hours before.

Along with that, users also claim that they also find their device missing on the list of options to display application content. This seems to be a big problem in the first look, and users have no idea as to how to fix this problem. They just know that Chromecast not working and they want to rectify this problem ASAP!

Updates don’t cause such problems, but nothing can be said with certainty. If by chance, such problems occur, then one should always look for reliable solutions instead of panicking.

Possible solutions

Although not proven in this case, a possible solution would be to reset Chromecast 2 and restore the factory settings. To do this, simply press the button on the device for about 25 seconds until the LED light begins to flash. It is important to remember that after the procedure, it is necessary to install the device again when connecting it to the TV.

Another alternative would be to reset the modem or router in your home. In this case, simply turn off the Internet, unplug it, and wait for about 15 seconds before turning it back on. The next step is to wait for about a minute before connect Google Chromecast.

Recall the last fault

Users must also recall the last fault in their Chromecast devices because the update must have aggravated that fault. Google was about to launch an update to fix the security breach, as there was an authentication problem in Chromecast that would allow malicious people to the virtually accurate address of the devices.

To get the location, the hackers send a false link to the user in order to keep the target with the content open for about a minute. This problem can occur on both Windows and Mac OS devices – the only requirement is that they are connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the Google device.

According to security researchers, the address would have an accuracy of about 9 meters. The problem would be more dangerous than tracking an IP address, which would have access to the user’s position at about 5 km. Criminals could use the data for phishing or extortion, for example, since they would know exactly where the person lives.

If you are not able to connect Chromecast to Wifi, then there are chances of a possible hack of your network. You will have to get in touch with Chromecast help and support facility to safeguard your Chromecast and Wi-Fi network. Your personal information is on the verge of getting into the hands of those with whom you will not share the information in the first place.

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