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With What Steps You Can Configure Chromecast Guest Mode On Android?

Chromecast Setup

When the guest mode is enabled, Chromecast emits special signal through the Chromecast enabled the app on guest mobile. The special Wi-Fi beacon then detects the device and displays the cast icon in the app. Upon clicking on ‘Cast icon’ the casting will start on nearby devices. You need to enter a 4 digit PIN for using guest mode on a mobile device. The Chromecast will transfer the PIN through inaudible tones. In case the pairing fails, you can manually connect by entering the PIN at the backdrop of Chromecast.

Have you recently welcomed guests at home who are using Android 4.3 or higher version OS on their mobile? If yes, then good news for you, there is no need to share the Wi-Fi password for using Chromecast player.

If you are going to host a party, then you will love to hear the newest feature that has been landed on Google Chromecast Setup.  Now, you can provide your guests access to the TV and that too without sharing the Wi-Fi password.

You can set up the device through a few steps which we are going to share with you today in this post. Your friend can easily share the photos, videos, or music through your TV which he has curated for your party.

Note: It must be remembered that you can use the guest mode only on Android version 4.3 or higher.

Chromecast owner instructions.

Step 1: You must ensure that the Chromecast device is connected to the home network. After this, launch an official Chromecast setup app.

Step 2: Click on the Chromecast name you want to connect to the wireless network available at home. Once the device gets connected, click on ‘Guest mode’ from the ‘Settings’ to turn it on.

Step 3: From the TV screen, check the PIN written along with the name of the Chromecast. This will let you know whether the Guest mode is working properly or not.

Start streaming as guest

1st step: You need to ensure that the Wi-Fi is enabled on the guest device but not connected to the home network. Try playing the content by clicking on the ‘Chromecast icon’ from the top of the screen. You can start playing Chromecast-friendly apps like YouTube, Google plays Music, or photos.

2nd step: A new window will appear on the device. Click on ‘Nearby devices’ and press ‘OK’. Connect to open a pop-up window. You will find the streaming process starts immediately.

Enter PIN to connect to Chromecast.

3rd step: If you are facing a problem in connecting the device, then you can press the ‘Skip’ button instead of pressing ‘OK’ as discussed in the previous step. Click to connect by entering the PIN as you find on TV.

The guest mode feature is best for all those who want to provide access to their TV without sharing the wireless password of their network. If you want to keep your internet secure from threats and intruders, then you must use Guest mode on Chromecast.

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